DIY Framing

We offer the highest quality conservational quality frames on the market but the most important thing for us is that you get your art on your wall. Follow these steps for a more afforable solution. 

The trick to afforable framing is a ready made frame with a custom mat. 

Buy a clean, simple frame to make your art the focal point that will fit in with your decor. A black frame works well with almost any artwork. It's less likely to look cheap, shows the least wear and if it does get dinged or scratched you can touch it up with a sharpie. White can look great too but it doesn't hide flaws as well.

A ready made frame usually won't match the size of the artwork exactly. So you want to buy a frame that is bigger than the piece. For example. For a 20 x 30 cm print you might use a 30 x 50 cm. You don't have to go to a custom frame shop to get a stylish frame so shop around.

Typically, ready made frames come with glass but UV plexiglass will protect your art more from the UV rays of sunlight if you can source it. 

Store bought frames will usually come with a mat but it's unlikely to fit your artwork perfectly so it's best to disgard this a have a custom mat made.

To do this, bring your artwork into a framing shop and tell them you'd like an archival mat that's at least 3 ply (for the 20 x 30 cm prints) and 4 ply (for the larger sizes) and to only use archival materials. Go for a white mat to keep the art the focal point. The mat will be measured and beveled to fit your print. It's worth the additional cost to have your framer fisinish the job. They'll mount your print to a backing mat and set it so that the artwork sets perfectly in the cut window. And that's it. Your print is framed. Now get it on your wall and enjoy.

You can also have us frame your art. Our frames are all custom made for our portraits and use only the highest archival quality materials available.